Analysis operators  

  • energy (Case: StaticSolution)
    Computes the global energy in a static case solution.
  • misesmax (Case: StaticSolution)
    Computes the maximum value of the nodal VonMises stress.
    misesmax.1=misesmax("Finite Element Model\Static Case Solution.1")
  • dispmax (Case: StaticSolution)
    Computes the nodal maximum displacement.
    length.1=dispmax("Finite Element Model\Static Case Solution.1")
  • frequency (Case: FrequencySolution)
    Computes a given frequency.
    Frequency.1=Frequency("Finite Element Model\Frequency Case Solution.1")
  • frequencies (Case: FrequenciesSolution)
    Computes all the frequencies.
    FrequenciesList.1=Frequencies("Finite Element Model\Frequencies Case Solution.1")
  • globalerror (Case: StaticSolution)
    Computes the global error percentage of a static case.
    percentage.1=globalerror("Finite Element Model\Static Case Solution.1")
  • bucklingfactors (Case: BucklingSolution)
    Computes a list of buckling factors.
    Bucklingfactors.1=BucklingFactors("Finite Element Model\Buckling Case Solution.1")
  • dispmaxongroup (Case: AnalysisResults, Group:Group): Length
    Computes the nodal maximum displacement. It applies to a group of items.
  • reaction (Entity: EntityForReaction, Case: StaticSolution, Axis:Axis System))
    Computes reactions on connections or boundary conditions.