Importing Parameters

This scenario shows how to import parameters from an excel or a .txt file into a CATPart document.
  • Parameters and parameter values can be imported from a text file or from an Excel file (Windows) into documents (CATPart, CATProduct, Drawings...).
  • If imported parameters already exist in the document, the import process automatically updates the document.
  • Note that if 2 parameters have the same name in the import file, no clone is created and the parameters are not renamed. Make sure that the parameters have different names before importing them. Identical parameters names are not supported.
Here is the formatting rules the external file must comply with:
  • Column 1
    Parameter names
  • Column 2
    Parameter values. Multiple values are allowed. Values must then be separated by a ";". The imported value is the one delimited by the "<" and ">" tags. Use the Tab key to skip from one column to the other in a tabulated text file.
Note that:
  • ";" must not be used when importing single values.
  • ";" must not be inserted after the very last imported value.
  • Column 3
    Formula.  If no formula is specified, the third column must be left empty. In a tabulated text file, press the Tab key twice from column 2 to leave column 3 empty.
  • Column 4
    Optional comment.
  1. Open the KwrStartDocument.CATPart document.

  2. Click the icon. The f(x) dialog box is displayed.

  3. Click Import.... A file selection dialog box is displayed.

  4. Select the ExCompanyFile0.xls file (Windows only) or the TxCompanyFile0.txt file, then click Open.
    The list of parameters to be imported into the KwrStartDocument.CATPart document is displayed.

  5. Click OK to import the parameters from the input file into the KwrStartDocument.CATPart document.
    The imported parameters are now displayed in the parameters list of the f(x) dialog box and in the specification tree.

  6. Click OK to terminate the dialog.