Using This Guide

What's New?

Getting Started

Entering the Workbench

Placing a Hanger

Routing a Loft Through Hangers

Detecting Clash in Parts Placement

Querying Cables with ENOVIA V5

Routing Cables with ENOVIA V5

Changing the Current Axis

Saving Documents

Updating Documents

Using the Step Input Box and Construction Elements

User Tasks

Schematic Driven Design

Placing Parts Using a Schematic

Creating Cableways

Creating a Lofted Pathway

Creating a Path Reservation on an Area

Manipulating Objects

Aligning Elements

Distributing Elements

Making an Element Active

Mirroring Objects

Snap Resources Together

Quick Snap Resources

Using Offset Planes and Advanced Offset Planes

Analyzing Object Information and Attributes

Disable/Enable Manipulation Handles

Using Quick Translate to Move Objects

Activating the Product or Parent

Query/Modify Properties

Edit or Display Properties of an Object

Changing the Display Order of Properties

Filter Shown Properties of an Object

Routing Tasks

Routing a Run

Routing with Defined Nodes

Break Run at a Branch

Route a Run Along a Spline

Routing at an Offset of a Routable

Route a Run Within a Pathway

Create an Offset Connection Between Segments

Connecting Routables

Disconnecting Routables

Routing Cables

Viewing Associations Between Cableways and Equipment

Routing Schematic Cables Manually

Routing Schematic Cables Automatically

Routing Cables with ENOVIA V5

Querying Cables in the ENOVIA Database

Loading Cable Data from the ENOVIA Database

Routing Cables from the Database

Changing the Status of a Partial Route

Displaying Light Network Object Labels

Loading Work Packages from the Light Network

Analyzing Cable Routes

Analyzing Light Network Objects

Adjusting the Cable Length of From and To Equipment

Recommending a Specific Path

Forbidding a Specific Path

Querying Cables Routed Through a Specific Network Object

Validating a Cable Route

Deleting a Cable Route or Parts of a Route

Allowing Cable Routes to Violate Routing Rules

Overriding Violations of Routing Rules

Locking and Unlocking Cable Routes

Defining Keyword for Restricted Placement

Creating and Modifying Connectors

Create Connectors

Use the Compass to Manipulate Connectors

Modifying or Deleting Connectors

Creating Duplicate Connectors

Using the Plane Manipulator

Hide/Show Connectors

Customizing 2D and 3D Connector Names

Connecting Elements

Connecting Cableways to Equipment

Connections Between Work Packages

Managing Logical Publications and Connections

Checking Links

Placing Schematic Component

Managing Document Links

The Copy/Paste Functions

Using the Copy/Paste Function

Using Translate: Connector to Connector

Using Translate: Connector and a Distance

Translate: Compass Z and Distance

Translate: Point to Point

Mirror Copied Runs


Creating a Product

Importing a Product

Using Work Packages

Saving a Work Package

Organizing Work Packages

Using Knowledgeware Checks

Using Knowledgeware Packages

Importing Checks from Knowledgeware

(3D) Opening a Sample Document

Checking a Document for Design Errors

Exposing Knowledgeware Objects from Multiple CATfct Files

Design Validation

Using the Design Validation Tool

Design Validation Tool - Enovia Requirements

Validation Checks Explained

Impacted Documents Explained

Penetration Management Usage

Computed Attributes


Plant Ship

Workbench Description

Cableway Routing Toolbar

General Environment Toolbar

General Design Toolbar

Systems Space Reservation Toolbar


Customizing Settings

Electrical Cableway Routing Tab

Creating Custom Reports

Defining the Report Format

Generating a Report

Feature Dictionary: Creating Object Classes and Attributes

Creating File-Based Design Rules

Cache Mode

Working in Cache Mode

Working With ENOVIA

Setup for Enovia

Using Catalogs

Resources That Must be Placed in ENOVIA