Creating an Offset Connection Between Segments

This task shows you how to create an offset connection between two segments. Creating this connection makes a master-slave relationship between the two and maintains a fixed distance between them.
If you create the connection only between two segments, the two will maintain the offset if you move one. But other segments of the slave routable may change in length to allow the offset to be maintained between the two segments that have a connection. If you do not want this to happen you can create a connection between the other segments too.

1. Click the Create an offset segment connection button . The Run dialog box displays.

2. Select the segment you want to be the slave. The first segment you select becomes the slave, while the second becomes the master.
3. Select the second segment. The compass displays and you can see a connector line between the two.

4. Enter the offset distance and select your offset between options in the Run box. You can choose to have the offset connection between the:
  • Outside edge to outside edge
  • Centerline to centerline
  • Outside edge to centerline
5. To create a connection between other segments of the same two routables select other segments in the same sequence given above.
6. Click OK. The connections will be created.
7. To modify the connection, select the slave run, click the Create offset segment connection button, select the slave segment and enter your changes.
8. To delete offset connections select the slave routable, right click,  then click on the line corresponding to the routable and click Delete offset connections. All connections between the two routables will be deleted.