Checking Links

This task shows you how to check the links between 2D and 3D components in a document.

Open a document containing at least a schematic system and its corresponding 3D implementation through item/path reservations.

  1. Click the Check Links button.

    The Check Links dialog box opens:
    You can display:
    • all components using No Filter,
    • only the objects which are not linked to 3D components: only not linked objects,
    • or only the objects linked to 3D components: only linked objects.
  2. Select one or more documents in the Schematic document(s) selected frame, using the drop-down list or the ... button for a multiple selection.

  3. In the first tab (2D <-> 3D), according to the filter option selected, the viewer displays the list of the schematic objects and the corresponding 3D elements.

  4. Use the second tab (3D <-> 2D), the viewer displays the list of the 3D elements and their corresponding schematic objects.

  5. Click Close when you are done.