Placing Physical Component

This task shows you how to place a 3D component from a catalog, driven by 2D electrical diagram.

By default, the component is placed and linked to the schematic one.
Change the settings, using the Tools -> Options menu, if you only want to place the component (without creating the 2D <-> 3D link).

The Systems Space Reservation product is a prerequisite.
For more information about it, refer to Systems Space Reservation User's Guide.

Open a document containing at least a schematic system.

  1. Click the Place Component button.

    The Schematic Browser dialog box opens:
    • The schematic equipments already linked to a 3D object show a green check mark in the left-hand viewer. You cannot select them another time.
    • The schematic objects which do not have a corresponding 3D implementation object in the document (no item reservation instantiated) are displayed with a red mark . They are those that you can select to link them to a physical object.
  2. Select a schematic object to be placed (red mark).

    The Catalog Browser pops up:
    Note: Navigate to select the catalog of interest if necessary, using the Browse another catalog button .
    If the schematic object has already been linked to a 3D component, the Catalog Browser will directly open the correct catalog.
    In this case, the catalog path is mentioned, with possibly a part number, in the object electrical properties.
  3. Select the 3D object you want to place.

  4. Click OK then select the plane where you want the object to be placed.
    The 3D object is added to the specification tree and placed in the geometry.