Detecting Clash in Parts Placement

This task shows how you can detect clashes between parts when you are moving parts in a document.  
This function only works when you are placing/moving parts in free space. It will not work if the parts have been placed on a run, for instance. Three modes are available: Clash Detection Off; Clash Detection On, and Clash Detection Stop.
1. To turn clash detection off click the Clash Detection (off) button . This is the default mode.    
2. To turn clash detection on click the Clash Detection (On) button . When you move a part in such a way that it interferes with another part, a red outline will display, as in the images below. (If your part displays red highlights and you want to change the color you can do so by clicking Tools-Options-Display and selecting another color.)

  3. To change to the stop mode click the Clash Detection (Stop) button . When this mode is on you will not be able to move a part to a position in which it interferes with another part. In the first image below the pump has been stopped because it interferes with the heat exchanger. However, when the user moves his pointer to the other side, and there is enough room for the pump, the pump will appear on the other side of the exchanger.