Routing a Loft through Hangers

  This task shows you how to route a loft through a series of hangers.
When you route a cableway through hangers you create a lofted pathway from hanger to hanger. The cableway is not a run. The task Creating a Lofted Pathway has a more detailed explanation.
Using Hanger Design, place a series of hangers, preferably with a turn or an offset similar to that shown in Step 2.

1. Click the Lofted Pathway button . The Lofted Pathway dialog box displays.

2. In Section Placement select the Existing Section button. Select the white rectangle on each hanger, beginning with the first one placed, or where you want to begin the cableway. The hangers will highlight.

If you are connecting the loft to a piece of equipment you must first place a section on that equipment (you don't need to do it for hangers - rack trapeze hangers have sections placed during part creation time). See the task Creating a Lofted Pathway, which has a more detailed explanation of this process.

The image below shows the document created using the ELD schematic, with the motor repositioned and a section placed on it.

3. To preview the path, check the Create Path option. The cableway previews.

4. Click OK. The cableway through the hangers is created.