Impacted Documents Explained

This task explains which documents will display in the Impacted Documents field of the Design Validation Report dialog box and Functional-Physical Integration Report dialog box.  
1. The concept of "impacted documents" is an Enovia concept (similar to impact graph) and you will find more information about it in that documentation. It is explained here briefly to help you understand which documents are considered impacted documents.

The ability to view impacted documents can be useful in designing, and users should create document naming conventions that assist in this.

2. The impacted document link is automatically created by the application when you are using a schematic to generate a 3-D design.

You can also create links between documents using the Managing Document Links function.

3. The following diagram shows how links work and which documents will display in the Impacted Documents pane. The schematic - Document 1 - is the selected file.

4. In the example above, Document 1 is the schematic from which Documents 2 and 5 were generated (using the schematic driven parts placement function). Documents 4 and 6 are linked to Document 1 through On/Off sheet connectors. Some documents will not display in the Impacted Documents pane, such as Document 3. This is because Document 3 has a link from/to Document 2, and has no direct connection with Document 1.

To sum up, all documents that 'point' to the selected document are impacted documents.

Impacted documents display in the dialog box as shown in the image below.