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Getting Started

Operation-Oriented Machining

Entering the Workbench

Rough Machining the Part

Zlevel Machining of the Outside of a Part

ZLevel Machining of the Inside Walls of a Part

Sweeping to Finish the Part

Checking the Results

Creating a Rework Area


Generating an NC Output File

Generating One File Per Operation

Generating NC Shopfloor Documentation

Area-Oriented Machining

Entering the Workbench

Defining the Areas to Machine

Defining the Tools to Use

Sweep Roughing the Part

Sweeping the Top Surface

Sweeping the Side Areas

ZLevel Machining on Vertical Walls

Reworking between Contours

Generating an NC Output File

Generating Workshop Documentation

User Tasks


Selecting Geometry

Using Geometrical Zones

Define the Tool Axis

Computing the Tool Gage

3 to 5 Axis Converter

Defining Macros

Roughing Operations


Sweep Roughing

Plunge Milling

Ordering Zones

Automatic Rough Stock

Creating an Offset on Part

Finishing and Semi-finishing Operations


Creating a 4-Axis Curve Sweeping Operation

ZLevel Machining

Contour-Driven Machining

Defining the Contour-Driven Stepover Strategy

Defining the Contour Driven View and Options Strategy

Isoparametric Machining

Spiral Milling


Creating Points and Lines with the Wizards

Reworking Operations

Inserting Pencil Operations

Creating a Roughing Rework Operation

Machining Features

Defining an Area to Machine

Defining an Area to Rework

Creating Offset Groups

Managing Tool Paths

Packing a Tool Path

Editing Tool Paths

Editing a Point

Editing an Area

Performing Transformations

Reversing a Toolpath

Connecting Tool Paths

Modifying Approaches and Retracts in Tool Paths

Splitting on Collision Points

Checking Tool Holder Collision

Creating Geometries

Importing Files

Reading STL Files

Importing Files

Workbench Description

Menu bar description

Toolbar description

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Reference Information

Sweep Roughing Parameters

Roughing Parameters

4-Axis Curve Sweeping

Sweeping Parameters

ZLevel Parameters

Plunge Milling Parameters

Spiral Milling Parameters

Contour-Driven Parameters

Pencil Parameters

Isoparametric Machining Parameters

Tool Path Editor Parameters

Machining/Slope Areas Parameters

Macros Parameters