Entering the Workbench

This task shows you how to open a part and enter the Surface Machining workbench.
  1. Open the Gets2.CATPart in the samples directory.

  2. Select Machining > Surface Machining from the Start menu.
    The Surface Machining workbench is displayed. 
    The part is displayed in the viewer along with the Machining specifications.

  3. Turn the part round so that it looks like this:

  4. Double-click Part Operation.1 in the tree.
    In the dialog box that is displayed, click the design part icon and click the part in the viewer.
    Then double-click anywhere in the viewer and press OK.

  5. This step is necessary for the visualization and analysis part of the process.

You might find it easier to select the surfaces if you hide the planes and the machining axis system.
  • Select the planes in the tree and use the Hide/Show option in the contextual menu:
  • Select the machining axis system in the viewer:
  • and hide it in the same manner.