Using Geometrical Zones

This task shows you how to define and use geometrical areas.
This is only an example.
The menus available and the setup of the dialog boxes may change depending on the workbench you are working in.
  1. Open file DemoRASA.CATPart in the samples directory.

  2. Click  the Geometrical Zone icon

  3. Select the Line button, call the contour you are about to select "MyContour"
    and click  the orange outline in the sensitive icon.

  4. Select this contour:

    Click OK

  5. Create a sweeping operation in the tree and select the whole body for the part.

  6. Choose Select zones in the limiting contour contextual menu.
    In the dialog box that is displayed, choose MyContour and select it with the arrow.
    Click OK.

  7. Click Tool Path Replay .

  8. You can also define geometrical zones in an operation dialog box.
    Open the sweeping operation you have just defined.
    Select this face as an area to avoid:

  9. Select  Export in the Area to avoid contextual menu and call it MyPlane.

  10. Click OK. You can now use this surface in the same way as you used the contour above.

  • All geometrical  zones that you create can be used in any number of operations.
  • The Hide/Show item in the contextual menu does not work for geometrical zones .