If you intend to create complementary geometry, before you start a Machining workbench
go to Tools>Options and, in the Display  tab of the Manufacturing options,
tick the box that allows you to create a CATPart to store necessary geometry.
If you are not going to modify the geometry, then make sure that this box is not ticked.

Before starting Machining workbench, go to Tools>Options  and in the Operation tab of the Manufacturing option
tick the Use default values of the current program box.
This will ensure that when a new operation is created its parameters will be initialized
with default values that are appropriate to that operation and not with the values from the operation just before it.

You should save your CATProcess before generating HTML workshop documentation.

In an operation, if you cannot see the whole dialog box (particularly the OK, Apply and Cancel buttons),
xit your CATIA session and use Settings> Control Panel > Display> Settings to:

Depending on your screen size, you may have to use both of the solutions.