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Single-V Butt Weld With Broad Root Face Creation

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Updating an Assembly

Creating Welds

Creating a Fillet Weld

Creating a Double Fillet Weld

Creating a Square Butt Weld

Creating a Single-V Butt Weld

Creating a Double-V Butt Weld

Creating a Single-Bevel Butt Weld

Creating a Double-Bevel Butt Weld

Creating a Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face

Creating a Double-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face

Creating a Single-Bevel Butt Weld with Broad Root Face

Creating a Double-Bevel Butt Weld with Broad Root Face

Creating a Single-U Butt Weld

Creating a Double-U Butt Weld

Creating a Single-J Butt Weld

Creating a Double-J Butt Weld

Creating User Weld

Creating a Dashed Weld

Creating a Non-Symmetric Dashed Weld

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Reading Clash Command Results

Viewing Results in a Dedicated Window

Export Clash Results


About Sectioning

Creating Section Planes

Creating 3D Section Cuts

Manipulating Planes Directly

Positioning Planes On a Geometric Target

Positioning Planes Using the Edit Position and Dimensions Command

More About the Section Results Window

Measuring Minimum Distances

Seeing the Material Assigned to the Weld

Analyzing an Assembly

Analyzing Constraints

Analyzing Updates

Generating a Weld Report

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Cgr Management for 3D Annotation

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