Creating a Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face 

This task shows you how to create a single-V butt weld with broad root face.
Open the Assembly_for_Welding_01 CATProduct document:
  1. Click the Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face icon:


The Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face Creation dialog box is displayed:

  1. Enter a meaningful name in the Weld Name field to identify your Y butt weld: New Y Butt

  1. Select the Convex shape.

  1. Enter a value to define the convex offset: 0.5 mm

  1. Unselect Weld Symbol option in the Annotation tab.

  1. To define how the Y butt weld is trimmed, enter values to define both ends of the weld. For example, enter 5 mm in the first and second limit.

The application does not let you trim welds if the intersection between faces is closed.

  1. Select edges of adjacent surfaces as shown on the brick-red plate and purple plate with the following order: red-brick plate, then purple plate.

  1. Click the Connection tab to access additional options.

  1. To identify the joint under which you will place the weld in the specification tree, enter a name in the Assembly Joint field (or keep the default name). For example, enter New Joint.

  1. Create a new joint body in which you want to identify New Joint, and give a new name for the joint body: New Joint Body

  1. Click the Material Assignment tab to define the material you wish to assign to the Y butt weld as well as the part that will contain the resulting geometry.

  1. Click OK to create the Y butt weld.


Taking a closer look at the Y butt weld, you can notice that it was not created along the entire length of matching geometries as specified in the trimming options and that its surface is flat.