Viewing Results in a Dedicated Window

This task explains how to view selected interferences in a separate viewer.
See also About Interference Analysis for further details.
  Checking for interferences is done in two steps:
  • Initial computation: detects and identifies the different types of interference.
  • Detailed computation: computes the graphics representation of interferences as well as the minimum distance.
Open the AnalyzingAssembly01.CATProduct document.
  1. Click the Clash icon:

  1. Set the interference type to Clearance + Contact + Clash.

  1. Enter 25mm as desired clearance value in the field that becomes active next to the interference type.

  1. Select the computation type to Between all components.


The Check Clash dialog box expands to show the results of the initial computation.

  1. Select the first interference and close the Preview windows.

  1. Click the Results window icon: in the Clash Tools dialog box.


The Interference Results.1 window opens and show the selected interference.

  1. Click OK in the Check Clash dialog box to exit when done.