Assembly Update

This reference describes the assembly update behaviors which are apply to Assembly Design, Weld Design and other related workbenches.
When updating an assembly, you are updating the following elements:
  • Assembly constraints.
  • Assembly features.
  • Knowledgeware relations.
  • Weld features.
  • Geometry of part document.
  • Functional Tolerancing & Annotations features.
  • Measures.

See also Update, Update propagation and Compute exact update status at open options.

Update Status

There are three update status when you are designing an assembly, these status are computed from the current state of the assembly:

The assembly is updated: all elements are up to date.
The assembly is not updated: one element at least is not up to date.
The assembly update status is unknown: there is not enough information to determine the update status (updated or not). This status appears when an element is contained into a component in visualization mode.

Update and Loop Design

In most cases, the application prevents you to create a loop design, for example design Component1 from Component2 and reciprocally.
In some cases, where complex relational design (multi-level constraints and in-context imported geometries e.g.) is involved, you can achieve to create a loop design without warning.
For these cases, it may happen that the update cannot be completed at the first attempt and the assembly keeps not up to date.
After several update attempts, a solution can be found if it exists. Otherwise, to solve the loop design, you can make a relational design analysis using the Edit > Links function.