Creating Weld Features

This task  shows you how to set welding specifications on components. These specifications will be used later on to weld these components.
Open the Weld_Planner document.
  1. Click the Weld Feature icon:  

  1. Select the edge between Green Part and Blue Part.


The Welding creation dialog box appears.

  1. Enter your specifications in the Welding Creation dialog box. In the first entry field to the left, enter 70 as the weld length.

  1. For example, set the angle symbol.


The symbols available are:

  1. Choose among the three weld types available to set your weld type:

  1. Enter 2.5 as the weld length.

  1. Enter Weld 2 in the Reference entry field. This field is reserved for your own specifications or codes.


You can also import a file by clicking the Import file button. The contents of this file is then displayed in the geometry.


Note also that you can click:

  • the field-weld symbol (flag symbol): reserved for welds not made at the location of the initial part construction.

  • the weld-all-around symbol (circle): reserved for welds made all around the contour of the part.

  • the "up" option: a display option. You can display the symbols and values above or below the welding symbol. It is a quick way of transferring the data from the first row to the row below and vice versa.

  • the indent line side.

  • the weld tail symbol.

  1. Click OK to confirm.


The annotation is created in the geometry.

The Parallel to Screen option in 3D Display under Display properties is not available for Weld annotation.
  1. Drag and drop the annotation to move it.


You can obtain this result:


Contextual Commands

  A certain number of contextual commands are available on specifications:
  • Associated Geometry: manages annotation connections.
  • Select Views/Annotation Plane: selects the annotations of an annotation plane and the annotation plane of an annotation.
  • Transfer to View/Annotation Plane: transfers specifications from one view to another.
  • Add Leader  adds a leader to the selected specification (Right-click the specification to which you want to add a leader, select the Add Leader contextual command and click where you want to begin the leader).
  • Annotation Links: creates or deletes positional or orientation links.
  Contextual commands are also available on the yellow manipulator at the extremity of the arrow end:
  • Add a Breakpoint: adds a breakpoint on the leader line.
  • Add an Interruption: adds an interruption on the leader line
  • Remove a Breakpoint: removes a breakpoint on the leader line
  • Remove Leader/Extremity: removes a leader line or an extremity
  • All Around: adds the All Around symbol
  • Switch to perpendicular leader: sets the leader perpendicular to the annotation

For more information about those commands, please refer to the 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotations User's Guide.

  Symbol shape: edits the shape of the manipulator pointed at by the arrow
At any time, you can modify the welding symbol. For this, double-click the welding symbol to be modified and enter the modifications in the displayed dialog box.