Creating a Contact Constraint

This task consists of applying a constraint between two faces. See Contact Constraints reference.
You can create contact constraint between oriented plane.
Open the Constraint7.CATProduct document.
  Before constraining the desired components, make sure it belongs to a component defined as active (the active component is blue framed and underlined).
  1. Click the Contact Constraint icon:

  1. Select the face to be constrained, that is the red face as shown.

  1. Select the second face to be constrained, that is the blue inner face in the direction opposite to the red face.


As the contact constraint is created, the red component is moved so as to adopt its new position. Green graphic symbols are displayed in the geometry area to indicate that this constraint has been defined.


This constraint is added to the specification tree too.


Graphic symbols used for constraints can be customized. For more information, refer to Customizing Constraint Appearance.