Generating a Weld Report  

This task shows you how to generate a report showing information about the welds of an assembly:
To perform this task, open the Weld.CATProduct document and create two fillet welds and one Y groove weld .
1.  Select the Analyze -> Weld Report command.

The report is generated:

It is composed of two sections showing the following information:

List of Welds

  numbered welds
  name of the welds
  type of the welds
  volume of the welds
  weight of the welds
  information about the specifications: Name of joint bodies and joint, specifications

Total of Welds

  total number of welds in the CATProduct document
  total volume 
  total weight
  total number of joint bodies and joints
Note that clicking the column headers presents the lists in numerical or alphabetical order.

2.  Click the Save As button to save the report. 
3. In the Save As dialog box that appears, specify a file name and location.
4. Choose the format you want to use: you can store the report in the form of a tabulated text file or in a Microsoft ® Excel file
5. Click OK to create the document.