Analyzing Updates 

Operations such as moving components (see Moving Components) or editing constraints (see Editing Constraints) sometimes affect the integrity of the whole assembly. You then need to know what to do to restore a correct product. The application provides a tool for detecting if your assembly requires updates. This tool is particularly useful when working with large assemblies.
You can update a part or a product without updating the whole assembly, using the Analyze Update command.
Open the Assembly_07.CATProduct document.
This scenario assumes that the Manual update option is on. For more about this option, refer to Update settings.
  1. Select Analysis product in the specification tree.

  1. Select the Analyze > Update command.


The Update Analysis dialog box appears.


In our example, it provides the name of the entities to be updated, i.e:

  • name of the product or component under study

  • name of the constraints defined on this product or component

  • name of the children of this product or component

  • name of the constraints defined on the children

  • name of the representations defined on the children


In some cases, it also displays the name of the representations associated to parts.

  1. Select Concidence.4 from the Constraints field.


The application highlights this constraint both in the specification tree and in the geometry area.

  1. Set the Components to be analyzed to Analysis/Product2.


Two constraints need updating.

  1. Set the Components to be analyzed to Analysis.

  1. Click the Update tab and multi-select Analysis/Product2.

  1. Click the Update  icon to the right of the dialog box.


The part is updated:


The Update Analysis dialog changes and displays the update status for the Analysis component.

  1. Click OK to close the dialog box.