Creating a Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face Creation

This task shows you how to create another type of weld, namely a Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face Creation.
  1. Click the Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face Creation icon:


The Single-V Butt Weld With Broad Root Face Creation dialog box is displayed:

  1. Enter Weld2 to identify the new weld.

  1. Enter 5mm as the weld's width.

  1. Enter 30deg as the weld's angle.

Selection Assistant

  1. Check the Selection Assistant option.

If necessary, zoom in the view area to improve the view. The "First Selection" text points to a face and an edge meaning that you have the choice between selecting a face or an edge.

  1. Select the green face in contact with Part 2.


Note that the view area now shows the four selections required to weld the components.

  1. Select the brown face in contact with the face that you have just selected.

  1. Select the last two faces as shown:

  1. Check the option Without Propagation from the Preparation Mode category to determine how you want to remove material along the edges: material will be removed just along the portion of  edges used for making the bridge between the joining parts.


Connection Tab

  1. Click the Connection tab to access additional options.

  1. Give a new name for the assembly joint. A joint is a set of the components which geometry is used for creating welds: for example, enter Single-V Butt Joint in the Assembly Joint field.

  1. Give a new name for the New Joint Body: Single-V Butt Joint Body for example.

Material Tab

  1. Click the Material tab to define the material you wish to assign to the fillet weld.

  1. Select Copper from the Material From Catalog list.

  1. When done, click OK to create the Single-V Butt weld. The copper weld part as well as the corresponding annotation are created.


Note that the edges of the parts have been cut in a particular way.


Annotation Tab

  1. Click the Annotation tab to define the weld annotation.

The previous created annotation view is pre-selected.

  1. Keep options as is.


Specification Tree

  1. Expand the Product2 node.


Two new parts have been created and are displayed in Hide mode:

  • Copper_Product2_Single-V Butt Joint(Copper.2): includes the geometry of the weld shape.

  • Spec_Product2_Single-V Butt Joint(Spec.2): includes the geometry used to compute the weld.

  1. Expand the Assembly Joints node.


The Assembly Joints node now includes new elements:

  • Single-V Butt Joint (Green Part.1, Part2.1) comprising Green Part.1 and Part2.1.

  • Single-V Butt Joint Body gathers all joint elements.

  • Weld2: indicates the weld's name.

  • Weld Symbol.1: indicates the annotation.

  • Copper: indicates the material assigned to the weld.

  •   Assembly Remove.1: assembly remove feature comprising the components which material has been removed to create the weld.

  • Green Part.GreenPart/Remove1: part remove feature for Green Part.1.

  1. Expand the Annotation Set.1 node.


The Annotation Set.1 node now includes a new element:

  • Weld Symbol.2: indicates the annotation.

For more detailed information about the Single-V Butt Weld command, please refer to the reference task Creating a Single-V Butt Weld with Broad Root Face.