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Accessing the Electrical Harness Flattening Workbench

Defining Harness Flattening Parameters

Extracting Data

Flattening the Harness

Generating a Drawing

Synchronizing Bundle Segments

User Tasks

Entering the Workbench

Defining Harness Flattening Parameters

General Parameters

Flattening Orientation

Scaling Options while Flattening


Link Options


Using the Network Assistant

Extracting 3D Data

Flattening the Harness

Flattening the Entire Harness

Partially Flattening the Harness


Arranging Junctions

Arranging Branches in an Equal Angle Pattern

Arranging Branches in an Umbrella-like Pattern

Rotating Bundle Segments

Bending Bundle Segments

Quick Rolling Bundle Segments

Rolling Bundle Segments Within the Active Plane

Straightening Bundle Segments

Length Management

Applying Length Tolerance

Removing Length Tolerance


Mapping Flattened Harness Views and 3D Harness Documents

Manually Updating Flatten Links

Removing Flatten Links

Automatically Updating Flatten Links

Synchronizing the Environment

Generating the HTML Report during Synchronization

Viewing Related Objects

Using Drawing Capabilities

Customizing a Drawing View

Distinguishing Overlapping Protective Coverings

Creating Wire Annotations

Integrating Generative View Styles (GVS)

Electrical Harness Flattening Parameters

Automatically Generating Dress-up Features

Creating Intra-Technological Feature Dimensions

Creating Text Templates

Creating Inter-Technological Feature Dimensions

Annotating Drawings Using Text Templates

Filtering Wires Based on External Configuration System

Defining the Report Format

Generating a Report

Electrical Integration from External Data

Environment Settings

Setting up the Electrical Process Interfacing

Selecting Systems from External Data

Placing Devices from External Data

Creating the Cable Harness

Placing Internal Splices

Automatic Routing

Exporting Data from CATIA

Electrical and Knowledge

Electrical User Functions

Electrical Package in Knowledge Expert


ENOVIA V5 Interoperability Using VPM Navigator

Working with Electrical Data

Optimal CATIA PLM Usability

Updating the Bundle Segment-to-Support Link

Using ENOVIA Catalogs for Electrical Mapping

Loading an iXF Document with VPM Navigator

Workbench Description

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Electrical Workbench Specification Tree


Electrical Harness Flattening

Cache Management


Creating a Line Type Standard for Protective Coverings