Before you start your first working session, you can customize the way you work to suit your habits. This type of customization is stored in permanent setting files: these settings will not be lost if you end your session.

Other information can be considered as customization:
Creating a Line Type Standard for Protective Coverings deals with the line type of your drawings.

For the time being, Electrical Harness Flattening does not function with the Visualization Mode.
The entire geometrical bundle must be in Design mode for the workbench to work properly.

  1. Select the Tools > Options command.
    The Options dialog box opens.

  2. Select the Equipment & Systems > Electrical Harness Discipline category in the left-hand box.

  3. Click the Electrical Harness Flattening workbench.

    The General tab appears:

    This tab lets you define:

  4. If you want to work with the cache system, select the Infrastructure > Product Structure item.

    The Cache Management tab appears:

    This tab lets you define:

  5. In the context of generative view style integration, select the Mechanical Design > Drafting item.

    The Administration tab appears:

    This tab lets you define:

  6. Set options in theses tabs according to your needs.

  7. Click OK when done.