What's New?

New Functionalities

Length Management
Allows you to apply or remove length tolerance to take into account bundle segment length adjustments made during the manufacturing process.
Network Assistant for validation before extracting
Before extraction, allows you to automatically or manually check the network for connection errors.

Enhanced Functionalities

Workbench Description
Toolbar commands have been re-organized and are now also available in menus.
Synchronizing the Environment
The orientation angle between the single insert connector and the backshell is synchronized with the 3D harness model.
Integrating Protective Coverings
Electrical Harness Flattening workbench commands (Extract, Flatten, Straight, Roll, etc.) are integrated with Protective Coverings. Also, Electrical Dress-Up commands are integrated with Protective Coverings.
Selecting Bundle Segments
You can now select a bundle segment even if it is covered by a protection.
Integrating the Straight Bend Mode
Allows you to extract, flatten, and manipulate branches built using the Straight Bend mode.
Flattening Orientation
Allows you to define the reference plane used for device orientation during flattening.

Customizing Settings

Electrical Harness Flattening
The default mode for the Extract operation is now Synchronize (without mechanical constraints).