Setting up the Electrical Process Interfacing

This task shows how to set up the options to take advantage of external data from partners through XML files as well as identify the working catalog.
See also the Customizing - Electrical Process Interfacing and Electrical Mapping documentation.

It is also possible to use CAA V5 APIs to get information from legacy databases.

  1. Select the Tools > Options... command then in the Equipment & Systems category, click the Electrical Process Interfacing tab.

    This tab lets you define the:
    • Access to external data
    • Electrical iXF repository path
    • Electrical working catalog path.
  2. Make sure Enable External Systems Interfacing is checked.

    However, you are required to identify the path of the:
    • Folder in which the XML files available are stored
    • Working catalog containing the V5 parts which Part Number are referred to in the XML files.
  3. Use to locate the iXF systems repository.
    For this example, the path is: .../online/cfysm_C2/samples/ElectricalIntegration

  4. Select the Electrical Mapping tab to select the working catalog:

    • Click the Browse button to locate the catalog containing the V5 parts, which Part Number attributes are referred to in the XML files.
    For this example, the path is: .../online/cfysm_C2/samples/ElectricalIntegration/
  5. Click OK to validate the entries made.