Removing Flatten Links

This task shows you how to remove the flatten link between a component in the flattened view and the corresponding component in the 3D harness document.
Have both the 3D harness document and the flattened harness document open.
  1. Click Remove Flatten Link in the Update Flatten Links toolbar.

    Moving the mouse over flattened harness components highlights the corresponding component in the 3D document.
    Cross-highlighting means that the link exists and can, if desired, be removed.
  2. In the flattened harness document, select the component whose link you want to remove.

    You can select a:

    • Bundle segment
    • Device
    • Protective covering
    • Support
    • Wire, or wire group.

    The flatten link is removed.

    You can also select geometrical bundles and electrical bundles to remove links of all constituent components.

    Note: If you select a geometrical bundle or an electrical bundle in the specification tree, then flatten links of all bundle components will be removed.