Creating Wire Annotations

A dedicated command letting you create wire annotations on bundle segments and connectors is available in the Drafting workbench. The wire attributes in the annotation can be customized.

Open the WireAnnotation document.

  1. Generate a drawing like it is explained in Generating a Drawing.

  2. In the Drafting workbench, click Wire Annotation .

    Two dialog boxes open:

    • The Tools Palette, which allows you to show or hide the wire annotation dialog box:

      • When it looks like this, the Wire Attributes dialog box is visible.

      • When it looks like that, the Wire Attributes dialog box is not visible: Click Tools Palette to make it visible.
    • The Wire Attributes dialog box, which allows you to select the attributes you want to see as annotations:
      • To add an attribute from Available to Favorites, select the attribute of interest then click the right arrow .
      • To remove an attribute from Favorites, select it in the list then click the left arrow .
      • By default, the last Favorites used are available when the dialog box is re-opened.
      • If you want to save different favorite lists: select the attributes needed, enter a name in the input field then validate. You can then display your favorite list in the list box.
  3. Select Reference designator, Diameter, Length and Bend Radius for example.

  4. Then, select a bundle segment or a connector in the geometry.

    A table is created, showing all the attributes that you have selected in Favorites:

    If you want to add another wire annotation, you have to click Wire Annotation again before selecting a bundle segment or a connector.

    There is an automatic update of the modifications except if you remove or add some components.

  • This command is not available for internal splices.
  • Wire specifications do not have part numbers (the field in the wire attributes table is left blank). A part number is assigned when a wire reference is associated to the wire specification.
If you want to customize the graphical representation of the table, right-click to display the contextual menu then select Properties.