Menu Bar

The Menu Bar and most of the items available in Electrical Harness Flattening workbench are the standard ones. The different commands and tools are described in Infrastructure Version 5. For more information, refer to the standard Menu Bar section.

In addition to the standard menu bar items, the Electrical Harness Flattening workbench has some additional commands in the Insert and Tools menu bar.


For... See...
Harness Flattening Parameters Defining the Harness Flattening Parameters
Extract Extracting 3D Data


For... See...
Flatten Flattening the Entire Harness
Manipulator Arranging Junctions, Rotating, Bending, Rolling, Quick Rolling, and Straightening Bundle Segments
Length Management Length Management
Synchronization Synchronizing the Environment
Harness Filtering Filtering Wires Based on External Configuration Management
Network Assistant Using the Network Assistant
Related Objects Viewing Related Objects