This task shows you how to work with fake lengths to enable you to fit the whole harness onto the board.

This command is available for both branches and single bundle segments.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) The ElectricalFlattening.CATProduct is still open from the previous task.
  1. Click Scale .

    You are prompted to select a branch or single bundle segment in the geometry area.
    The Scale dialog box pops up. The true length is indicated.
  2. Enter the fake length you want.

  3. Click OK to validate.

    The relative positions of supports and protective coverings are maintained when working with fake lengths.
    If you want to work with true lengths again, click Restore True Length.
When scaling branches or single bundle segments, don't forget that supports must be repositioned. Too small a fake length may result in an error if the route is no longer long enough to accommodate supports.
  • When scaling branches or single bundle segments in a closed harness loop, the loop is automatically opened at the free end of the selected segment and a green line created to serve as a reminder that a link exists.
  • Multi-profile branches: in order to avoid twisted and impossible configurations, the local V-axis of the profile sketch is kept aligned with the normal direction of the active plane.
  • Mechanical parts: a dashed green line visualizes the link between the bundle segment and mechanical part. Use the compass to reposition the part properly.