Using Drawing Capabilities

To use the following drawing capabilities:
  • You need a Drafting license
  • You must open your electrical document in an electrical workbench.

This section explains how to take advantage of the following Interactive Drafting capabilities:

Drawing Update Command Disabled

The Drawing Update command is not enabled after a modification of parameters in the 3D document, if this modification concerns one of the following attributes displayed in Text Templates, Wire Annotations or Report of the drawing:

  • External reference
  • Reference designator
  • Sub type
  • Reference part number
  • Layer number
  • Taping angle

You can change a geometrical attribute (i.e. diameter, length) in the 3D document, then the Update command becomes available.

In the context of the new Automatic Generation command, these attributes are updated with the Update Dress-up command.
Note that the Update Dress-up command only applies to the text templates automatically generated.