Using the Network Assistant  

This task shows how to use the Network Assistant command. This command highlights linked bundle segments and devices and displays connections between them.
Additionally, this command also detects and repairs broken connections.
  This command is available in the Electrical Harness Flattening and Electrical Wire Routing workbenches.
The scenario depicted below is typical for the Electrical Harness Flattening workbench.
Open a document containing some broken links in the Electrical Harness Flattening workbench.
  1. Click Network Assistant .
    For the Electrical Wire Routing workbench, select Tools > Network Assistant.

  2. Select a bundle segment. All connected bundle segments and devices are highlighted in the geometry area.
    The system searches for broken electrical connections and displays a message asking you if you want to repair the network.
    If there are broken connections then continue with step 3.

  3. Click Yes to repair the network. A message box informs you that the repair is done.

  4. Click OK.