Applying Length Tolerance

This task explains how to apply length tolerance to take into account adjustments to bundle segment length made during the manufacturing process.
Open a document containing a flattened harness.
  1. Click Length Tolerance .

  2. In the flattened harness, select an object.

    You can select any of the following objects:
    • Device: the device is selected
    • Support: the nearest bundle segment extremity or route definition point is selected.
    • Protection Extremity: the nearest protection extremity is selected
    • Bundle Segment Extremity: device connection point / branch point


  3. The first click tags the object as Fix in the geometry. Selecting another object in the geometry tags it as Move.

    • Devices are always tagged as Move.
    • You can double-click any of the tags to swap their positions.


    The Length Tolerance dialog box is also displayed.


  4. Enter a positive value or a negative value in the Value field in order to specify a positive or negative tolerance value.

    You can also enter a equation directly into the Value field. For example, 80mm - 77.158mm and click anywhere outside dialog box to see result 02.842mm before clicking OK.
  5. Click OK. The bundle segment length is increased or decreased by the value specified.
    The specification tree shows that a length tolerance is applied to bundle segment 2.

  6. Right-click the bundle segment and select Properties from the contextual menu.

    The Properties dialog box shows that the Length Tolerance parameter is set to true.

  • You can apply more than one length tolerance value to the same bundle segment. However, it must be applied over different portions of the same bundle segment (not overlapping).
  • You can apply length tolerance to a flattened harness that has been extracted from 3D harness.
  • If a bundle segment, support, and/or protective covering are removed during the synchronization, and if a length tolerance was linked to any of these removed elements, the effect of the tolerance will be removed.
  • You cannot scale a bundle segment to which length tolerance has been applied.
If length tolerance is used on a flattened harness that has not been flattened in coarse mode, the result may not be what you expect.