Exporting Data from CATIA

Since you have set up the option to enable the external systems interfacing, the Export Wires... command in Electrical Wire Routing is modified. Refer to the Electrical Wire Routing - Basic Tasks - Exporting Wires to know more about the Wire Export first method.
This task explains how to export data from CATIA, for back annotation purpose through CAA V5 APIs or using an XML file.
  Using this method, you can export data from a complete harness or a sub-assembly.
It allows you to generate the full harness schematic with the wire groups, wires, connectors at their extremities, equipment, etc.
  1. Switch to Electrical Wire Routing workbench .

  2. Click the Tools > Export Wires... menu item and select the Export Wires in IXF Format.

    You are prompted to select a node in the specification tree and every electrical bundle belonging to it will be exported.
  3. Click a node in the specification tree.

    The File dialog box opens:
  4. Navigate to select the folder where you want to store your file and enter the name of the file.

  5. Click Save.
    An .xml file is created.

Note that wire groups and wires are exported by harness (electrical bundle).
The data exported is:
  • Wire group properties, particularly the wire group length computed from the 3D geometry.
    The wire group length is the length of the longest wire in the wire group (taking into account the extra pin length). The wire group length takes a wire length coefficient into account (allowing for twisted wires) when the group is routed between two connectors.
  • Wire properties, particularly the wire length computed from the 3D geometry.
  • Electrical objects connected to the wires (termination, cavity, etc.).