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Generating a Silhouette

Generating a Wrapping

Generating a Thickness

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User Tasks

Simplifying a Representation

About Representation Simplification

Generating a Silhouette

Generating a Silhouette using a Reference Product

More about Silhouette

Generating a Wrapping

More about Wrapping

Using Simplification Command

More about Simplification

Merging Tree Representations

Thickness and Offset

Generating a Thickness

More about Thickness

Generating an Offset along Normal Vectors

More About Offset Along Normal Vectors

Generating an Offset along Fixed Vectors

More about Offset along Fixed Vectors

Swept Volume

Creating a Swept Volume

Creating a Swept Volume from a Moving Reference

Using Wrapping and Simplification in Swept Volume

Filtering Swept Volume Positions

More about Spatial Split Option

More About Swept Volume

Vibration Volume

Generating a Vibration Volume

Generating a Vibration Volume from a Track

More about Vibration Volume

Calculating the available Space in a Model (Free Space)

About Saving Operations

Cutting Through a Model (3D Cut)

Automating Tasks

Working with CGRs in DMU

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DMU Menu Bar

DMU Optimizer Toolbar

Sectioning Toolbar


About Sectioning

Creating Section Planes

Changing Section Graphic Properties

Creating Section Slices

Creating Section Boxes

More About the Section Results Window

Creating 3D Section Cuts

Manipulating Planes Directly

Positioning Planes Using the Edit Position and Dimensions Command

Positioning Planes On a Geometric Target

Snapping Section Boxes to Planes

Snapping Planes to Points and/or Lines

Exporting Section Results

Capturing Section Results

Annotating Generated Sections

Managing the Update of Section Results

More About the Contextual Menu

DMU Optimizer Interoperability

Working with ENOVIA LCA

Optimal PLM Usability for DMU Optimizer

Recommended Methodology for Working with ENOVIA LCA

Performing DMU Optimizer Tasks with VPM Navigator


DMU Optimizer

DMU Sectioning

General DMU Settings

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