DMU Optimizer Menu Bar

Here we will present the various menus and menu commands that are specific to DMU Kinematics Simulator Version 5.


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Tasks corresponding to General menu commands are described in the DMU Version 5 Infrastructure User's Guide.


mbeditNLS.gif (37297 bytes) For... Description...
Undo Cancels the last action.
Redo Recovers the last action that was undone.
Paste Special
Performs cut
Paste and
special paste operations.
Delete Deletes selected geometry.
Search Allows searching and selecting objects.
Links Manages links to other documents.
Properties Allows displaying and Editing



mbinsertNLS.gif (9413 bytes) For... See...
Existing Component Starting a Session


mbtoolsNLS.gif (10215 bytes) For... Description...
Formula... Allows using  Knowledgeware capabilities.
Image Allows capturing and managing images for the album.
Macro Writing a DMU Optimizer Macro
Customize... Allows customizing toolbars.
see DMU Infrastructure User's Guide
Options... Allows customizing settings.
See Customizing for DMU Optimizer
Search Order... Allows creating a document search order.