Generating a Silhouette using a Reference Product 


About Reference Product

Before R11 level, when you were not working in alternate shape mode and after having saved a silhouette representation from a sub-assembly, you could only reinsert it into the root product (using Insert->Existing Component...) It means you could not reinsert any representation into a sub-assembly at any level. Thus, there was no update in positioning the silhouette representation with the product. See figure 1 below:

  Figure 1

(before R11)

  • You create a silhouette of Part_1.

  • The silhouette of Part_1 is calculated with respect to Product1 absolute axis system.

  • Therefore, you can only reinsert your result into Product1.

  This capability solves this problem: you can now select a reference product into which you will reinsert your silhouette result. This is no longer the Root product axis system which is taken into account but the reference axis system of this selected reference product. See figure 2 below
  Figure 2

(from R11)

  • You create a silhouette of Part_1 and you want to reinsert it into Assembly_3

    (Selection = Part_1, Reference Product = Assembly_3)

  • The silhouette of Part_1 is calculated with respect to Assembly_3 axis system.

  • You can reinsert your silhouette result into Assembly_3 (reference product)

This task will show you how to use 'reference product' option within the silhouette functionality
Open SILHOUETTE_REFERENCE.CATProduct document from the samples folder.
In the following scenario, do not manage your silhouette as an alternate shape

Note in other scenarios, you might find useful to manage automatically your Silhouette result as an alternate shape of the initial component and specify a directory/path to save your result (see Customizing DMU Optimizer Settings)

  1. Select Product2 in the specification tree

  2. Move your product with the 3D compass using the drag and drop capability

  3. Select REGULATION_COMMAND (REGULATION_COMMAND.1) in the specification tree.

  4. Click the Silhouette icon I_SilhouetteP2.gif (292 bytes) from the DMU Optimizer toolbar.
    The Silhouette dialog box appears:

  5. Select a reference product of your choice (in our example, select Product2.1 in the specification tree)

  6. Enter the desired value in the Accuracy field for instance 2mm. 
    Refer to More About Silhouette Functionality-Step 1

    ainfo.gif (980 bytes)
    Setting the Accuracy: 

    Specify the silhouette calculation accuracy. A lower value results in a slower computation time, but a "lighter" silhouette representation.

  7. Click the Preview button

  8. Click Save. The Save As dialog box is displayed:

    • Set the Type to .cgr. You can also save your resulting shape in .wrl, .model .stl formats
    • Identify the folder in which you want to save the file
    • Enter a file name
  9. Click Save

    Now, insert your silhouette result into your product 
  10. Right-click Product2 in the specification tree.

  11. Select Components-> Existing component from the contextual menu displayed. Select the silhouette.cgr document you have just saved.

    This is what you obtain:

ainfo.gif (980 bytes) Remember you can customize silhouette settings at any time.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes)