More about Silhouette

The following section aims at describing silhouette operation in more details:

How is the Silhouette Representation Calculated?Top

You obtain the silhouette of a specific geometry by:

  • calculating a discrete envelope of the initial representation (discretization parameter = accuracy)
  • filtering the triangles of the geometry which:
    • do not belong to this envelope,
    • are not seen from the selected view (s).

The following example aims at illustrating these two steps as well as the impact of accuracy and view parameters on the final result.

Step 1: Calculating the Envelope Using the Accuracy ParameterTop

Case 1: You select a small accuracy value 
Case 2: You select great accuracy value

Step 2: Filtering Triangles Using the View ParameterTop

Case 1: Result obtained when 4 views are selected

Case 2: Result obtained when 1 view is selected

How the Accuracy Parameter Impacts the Silhouette CalculationTop?

 The table below shows the accuracy impact on the silhouette calculation:

Computation Time
Used Memory
Simplification Rate
Greater Shorter Less Lower
Smaller Longer More Higher