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General Information

Defining the Composites Parameters

Rerouting a Material Link

Upgrading pre-R15 Composites Models

Upgrading pre-R15 Composites Models

Upgrading pre-R18 Composites Models

Retrieving Models from V4 Covering

Creating Preliminary Design

Defining a Zones Group

Defining a Zone

Defining a Transition Zone

Running the Connection Generator

Refining a Transition Zone

Creating an ITP

Creating a Solid From Zones


Importing a Laminate

Creating Plies

Creating a Stack-up File From Zones

Creating Plies From Zones

Defining a Plies Group

Creating Plies Manually

Creating a Core

Creating a Stack-Up File From Plies

Reading a Stack-Up File From Plies

Creating a Limit Contour

Creating Limit Contours for Plies from Input File

Creating a 3D Multi-Splice for Plies

Exploding Plies

Creating Darts

Applying a Symmetry to Plies

Creating a Solid From Plies

Modifying Plies


Dsiplaying Information on the Fly

Performing a Numerical Analysis

Creating Ply Sections

Creating a Core Sampling

Splice Zone

Creating a Butt Splice Zone

Creating a No Splice Zone

Creating Manufacturing Process

Creating a Manufacturing Document

Synchronizing a Manufacturing Document

Swapping the Skin

Defining the EOP

Defining the EEOP

Defining the MEOP

Defining the Material Excess


Analyzing the Producibility

Inspecting the Producibility

Displaying the Fiber Direction

Flattening Plies

Transferring a Geometry from 3D to 2D and 2D to 3D

Mirror Part

Creating a Mirror Part

Synchronizing a Mirror Part

Exporting Data

Exporting Ply Data

Creating a Ply Book

Removing Ply Shells

Interoperability with Knowledge Expert

Composites Interoperability

Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for Composites Design

Integration With Generative Shape Design

Joining Surfaces or Curves

Integration With Wireframe

Creating Points

Creating Lines

Creating Planes

Creating Circles

Integration With Drafting

Creating a Drawing

Producing Drawings with Generative View Styles

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