Upgrading pre-R18 Composites Models

This task shows you how to upgrade pre-R18 models so that the new management materials as Composites material cache features is taken into account. For more information, see Defining the Composites Parameters.
Open the PreR15.CATPart document.
  1. If the your model is also a pre-R15 model, you are first requested to update the model to R15 Standards

    See Upgrading pre-R15 Composites Models.

  2. Once it has been updated to R15 standards, a ply in the specification tree looks like this:

    And you are requested to upgrade your model to R18 standards.

    Process like for Upgrading pre-R15 Composites Models.

  3. Once you have upgraded your model, the specification tree looks like this:

  • If you do not want to upgrade your model, do not select the Save old model check box. Your model will be upgraded to R18 standards but no copy of the old model will be performed.
If you choose not to upgrade, all commands that do not modify the Composites elements will support R15 to R17 CATParts. The commands that do modify the Composites elements (creation commands) will be locked at creation time.