Defining the MEOP

This task shows you how to define the Manufacturing Edge Of Part. It corresponds to the manufacturing outer boundary of the plies and is larger than the EEOP's boundary.
Open the MEOP1.CATPart document.
  1. Click the Edge Of Part icon .
    The Edge of Part definition dialog box is displayed.

  2. Change the MEOP name to MEOP.1.

  3. Select the manufacturing surface (Offset.1).
    The Contour field is updated.

  4. In the Curves of Contour.1701 field, select the curves so that they form the closed contour.
    A green tip replaces the red cross.

    • Use Add and Remove to add or remove a contour.
    • Use Insert After, Before and Remove to modify the order of the curves as well as the contour.
  5. Click OK to create the MEOP.
    The MEOP.1 element is displayed in the specification tree under the EOPs node (below the EEOP.1 element created in the previous task) and contains the closed contour.

An EEOP / MEOP couple per surface is mandatory to be able to define the material excess.

The following task precisely explains how to define the material excess.