Specification Tree

Within the Composites Design workbench, you can generate a number of elements that are identified in the specification tree by the following icons.

Further information on general symbols in the specification tree are available in Symbols Used in the Specification Tree.

Composites Parameters   Limit Contour
Composites PD   3D multisplice group
Zones Group   3D multisplice
Zone   Cut-piece group
Transition Zone   Cut-piece
Connection Generator   Exploded surface
ITP   Numerical Analysis
Solid   Core Sampling
Laminate   Skin Swapping
Stacking   EOP / MEOP
Sequence   Material Excess
Plies Group   Producibility parameters
Material   Flatten body
Values   Flatten feature
Axis System   Flatten contour
Composites Geometry   Geometry transfer
Contour   Geometry transfer curve
Ply from Zones   I_PointP2.gif (94 bytes) Point
Manual Ply   Line
ETBS group   Plane
ETBS   Circle
Core   Join