Modifying Plies

This task shows you how to modify or create a direction or change a ply material in a Composites part.
Note that the ply points to the material cache feature stored in the Composites Parameters.
Open the ModifyPlies1.CATPart document.

Modifying a Direction

The original specification tree looks like this:

  1. Click Composites Parameters .
    The Composites Parameters dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the first direction.
    Its name, value and color are displayed.

  3. Modify the values as shown below.

  4. Click OK to apply these new parameters.
    The part and the specification tree are updated accordingly.


Creating a Direction

  1. Click Composites Parameters .
    The Composites Parameters dialog box is displayed.
    Type in the name, the value and the color of the direction as shown below.

  2. Click Add to insert the direction you just created.

  3. Select the new direction, then use the up and down arrows to position it in the list.

  4. Click OK to create the direction.

  5. Click Yes when warned that the zones laminate will be impacted by the change of direction.

  6. Click Ply to create a ply manually.
    Select Plies Group.1 in the specification tree.
    In the geometry tab, click Add.
    In the specification tree, select the contour of ply.1.

  7. In the Attributes tab, select the direction you created in the drop down list..

    The ply is created with the parameters of the direction you selected.

The information concerning the name of the direction is also used in tables when importing a laminate, creating a stack-up file from zones, importing a ply and when exporting a core sample.

Changing the material

  1. In Plies Group.2, unfold the Attributes node in the specification tree so as to display the material of ply 49.

  2. Right-click Ply.49 and select Properties.

    The Replace Link dialog box is displayed.

  3. Go to the Composites tab:

    Change the material by selecting another one from the drop-down list
    (it contains only the materials available)

    If necessary change the direction by selection another one from the drop-down list
    (it contains all the directions available)

    We have selected GLASS with Direction 45.

  4. Click OK.
    The ply is updated accordingly.

  5. Click Yes to propagate the change of material to all plies of the stacking.
    The GLASS material is applied to the whole stacking.

Multi-selection of plies is available

If the plies have all the same material or the same direction, it is proposed in the dialog box.
If the plies have different materials or directions, the field is left blank but the drop-down list is populated.
Select a new material or a new direction as explained above and click OK.
We have selected GLASS and Direction 45.
The new material and direction are applied to the plies selected.
You can also define the material in the Attributes tab of the Ply Definition dialog box.

Marking a Material as Non Structural

This is done in the Composites Parameters dialog box.