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The various menus and menu commands that are specific to Composites Design are described below.




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Tasks corresponding to general menu commands are described in the Infrastructure User's Guide. Refer to the Menu Bar section.


For... See...
Geometrical Set... Manage geometrical sets
Axis System... Axis System in Part Design Users' Guide.
Parameters Insert > Parameters
Preliminary Design Insert > Preliminary Design
Import Laminate Insert > Import Laminate
Plies Insert > Plies
Data Export Insert > Data Export
Analysis Insert > Analysis
Splice Zones Insert > Splice Zones
Manufacturing Insert > Manufacturing
Flattening Insert > Flattening
Mirror Insert > Mirror
Wireframe Insert > Wireframe
GSDTools Insert > GSD Tools

Insert > Parameters

For... See...

Composites Paramaters

Defining the Composites Parameters

Insert > Preliminary Design

For... See...

Zones Group

Defining a Zone Group
Create Zone Defining a Zone
Create Transition Zone Defining a Transition Zone
New ITP Creation Creating an ITP
Connection Generator Running the Connection Generator
Solid From Zones Creating a Solid From Zones

Insert > Import Laminate

For... See...
Import Laminate Importing a Laminate

Insert > Plies

For... See...
Stack Up File From Zones Creating a Stack-up File From Zones
Plies Creation From Zones Creating Plies From Zones
Plies Group Defining a Plies Group
New Ply Creation Creating Plies Manually
New Core Creation Creating a Core
Ply Table Creating a Stack-Up File From Plies
Ply Table Import Reading a Stack-Up File From Plies
Limit Contour Creating a Limit Contour
Limit Contours From Input File Reading a Staggering File
Create 3DMultisplice Creating a 3D Multi-Splice for Plies
Ply Exploder Exploding Plies
Dart Creating Darts
Create symmetric plies Applying a Symmetry to Plies
Solid From Plies Creating a Solid From Plies

Insert > Data Export

For... See...
Ply data export Exporting Ply Data
Ply Book Creating a Ply Book

Insert > Analysis

For... See...
On the Fly Information Displaying Information on the Fly

Numerical Analysis

Performing a Numerical Analysis
Ply Section Creation Ply Sections
Core Sampling Creating a Core Sampling

Insert > Splice Zones

For... See...

Butt Splice Zone

Creating a Butt Splice Zone
No Splice Zone Creating a No Splice Zone

Insert > Manufacturing

For... See...
Create Manufacturing Document Creating a Manufacturing Document
Synchronize this document from Synchronizing a Manufacturing Document
Skin Swapping Swapping the Skin
Edge Of Part Defining the EOP
Material Excess Defining the Material Excess

Insert > Flattening

For... See...
Producibility Analyzing the Producibility
Flattening Flattening Plies
Geometry Transfer Transferring a Geometry from 3D to 2D and 2D to 3D
Producibility Inspection Inspecting the Producibility
Fiber Direction Displaying the Fiber Direction

Insert > Mirror

For... See...
Create Mirror Part Creating a Mirror Part
Synchronize Mirror Part Synchronizing a Mirror Part

Insert > Wireframe

For... See...
Point... Creating Points
Line... Creating Lines
Plane... Creating Planes
Circle... Creating Circles

Insert > GSDTools

For... See...
Join... Interoperability With Generative Shape Design