Creating a Stack-Up File From Plies

This task shows you how to create a stack-up file once you created the plies.
It contains the stacking order of the Composites part.
Available in Composites Engineering Design (CPE) and Composites Design for Manufacturing (CPM).
Plies must already exist.
Open the Stack-UpFile2.CATPart document.














  1. Click the Ply Table icon .
    The Stack-up file from plies dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select whether you want to create a file:

    The export enables you to to analyze the stack-up and identify any possible problems.
  3. Select the Take cut-pieces into account check box, if required.

  4. Click the ...  button to define the path where to store the stack-up file.

    If you do not define any path, the file will be stored in the document's directory.
  5. Check the Open stack-up file after creation option to open the file once you click OK.

  6. Click OK to generate the file.


Here is an example of a stack-up file with no cut-pieces.
The stack-up file contains the following information:

  • ply group
  • sequence
  • ply
  • material
  • direction
  • rosette
  • surface
  • draping
  • Geometric reference
  Here is an example of a stack-up file with cut-pieces with the following additional information:
  • Cut-piece group
  • Cut-piece
  • Exporting the stack-up file allows you to modify the default stack-up.
  • The geometric reference associates each line of the stack-up file with a ply in the stacking of the Composites part.
    Once modified, you can import the stack-up file to apply the changes to the Composites part.
    For more information, refer to  Reading a Stack-up File from Plies.