Menu Bar Description

This is the menu bar for the Core &Cavity Design workbench.


ENOVIA V5 File Edit View Insert Tools

Tasks corresponding to general menu commands are described in the CATIA Version 5 Infrastructure User's Guide.


  Starts the Core & Cavity Design workbench


  Models   Creates a model-related operation
  Pulling Direction   Creates a pulling direction operation
  Wireframe   Inserts a wireframe element
  Curves   Inserts a curve element
  Surfaces   Inserts a surface element
  Operations   Inserts an auxiliary operation
  Annotations   Adds text and hyperlinks to the part
  Analysis   Performs analysis on elements
  Advanced Replication Tools   Provides PowerCopy operations
  Modify Fillet Radius   Provides operations to reduce fillet radii.


For See
Import... Importing a Model
Comparison... Comparing Two Molded Parts
Bounding Box... Creating a Bounding Box

Pulling Direction

  Pulling Direction   Defining the Main Pulling Direction
Slider Lifter   Defining the Pulling Direction for Sliders
Transfer   Transferring Elements
Split Mold Area   Splitting a Face
Aggregate MoldArea   Aggregating Surfaces
  Explode View   Exploding the View
  Face orientation   Orienting faces


  Point ...   Creating Points
  Extremum   Creating Extremum Elements
  Line ...   Creating Lines
  Plane ...   Creating Planes
  Projection...   Creating Projections
  ReflectLine ...   Creating Reflect Lines
  Intersection...   Creating Intersections
  Parallel Curve...   Creating Parallel Curves
  3D Curve Offset...   Creating a 3D Curve Offset
  Corner   Creating Corners
  Connect Curve...   Creating Connect Curves
  Spline Creating Splines
  Spine  Creating a Spine
  Curve on Surface Creating Free Form Curves on Surfaces in the FreeStyle Shaper Optimizer & Profiler User's Guide


Parting Line   Creating a Parting Line
  Chaining Edges   Chaining Edges


  Parting surface...   Creating a Parting Surface
Light Surface ...   Creating a Light Surface
Extrude ...   Creating Extruded Surfaces
Offset   Creating Offset Surfaces
Sweep ...   Creating Swept Surfaces
Fill ...   Creating Fill Surfaces
Multi-sections Surface ...   Creating Multi-sections Surfaces
Blend ...   Creating Blended Surfaces


  Join ...   Joining Surfaces or Curves
Curve Smooth... Smoothing curves
Untrim ...   Restoring a Surface
Split...   Splitting Geometry
Trim ...   Trimming Geometry
Boundary ...   Creating Boundary Curves
Extract ...   Extracting Geometry
Shape Fillet ...   Creating Shape Fillets
Edge Fillet   Creating Edge Fillets
Variable Fillet ...   Creating Variable Radius Fillet
Chordal Fillet   Chordal Fillet
Face-Face Fillet ...   Creating Face-Face Fillet.
Tritangent Fillet...   Creating Tritangent Fillets
Translate...   Translating Geometry
Rotate...   Rotating Geometry
Symmetry...   Performing a Symmetry on Geometry
Scaling...   Transforming Geometry by Scaling
Affinity...   Transforming Geometry by Affinity
Axis to Axis   Transforming Elements From an Axis to Another
Extrapolate ...   Extrapolating Surfaces or Extrapolating curves
Invert Orientation ...   Inverting the Orientation of Geometry
Near...   Creating the Nearest Entity of a Multiple Element


  Text with Leader   Creating Texts
Flag Note with Leader   Creating Flag Notes


  Sectioning...   Sectioning
  Surface Boundaries...   Surface Boundaries
  Smooth Edges...   Smooth Edges
  Curve Connect Checker...   Checking Connections Between Curves
  Surfacic Curvature Analysis

Performing a Surfacic Curvature Analysis

  Pulling Direction Analysis...   Analyzing the Pulling Direction

Advanced Replication Tools

  PowerCopy Creation...   Creating PowerCopy
Save in Catalog...   Saving PowerCopies into a Catalog
Instantiate From Document...   Instantiating PowerCopies

Modify Fillet Radius

  Search Fillets...   Searching Fillets
  Fillet Radius Reduction... Reducing the Fillet Radius