Creating a Bounding Box

This task explains how to create a bounding box around a molded part.
You must have a molded part in the workbench.
  1. Open FilterCover.CATPart in the samples/import directory.

  2. Click Bounding Box in the Import Model toolbar.

  3. Select the part. A dialog box is displayed that contains the minimum and
    maximum values that are required in X, Y and Z to create a box that would surround the part.
    The default box is displayed in bold dark lines.

    You can modify the X,Y,Z values if you choose. 

  4. You can also change the axis system used to define the rough stock by clicking on Select an axis
    and then choosing either: 

    • an axis in one of the other axis systems, 
    • a plane, 
    • or a planar surface.
  5. Click OK to create the bounding box.