Defining The Pulling Direction For Sliders

This task shows you how to define a secondary pulling direction for surfaces that are neither core nor cavity,
in blue in the molded part.

More information about the parameters is available in the Slider Lifter Direction Parameters chapter.

Before defining a direction for a slider area, you must have defined the main pulling direction.


  1. Still in the same CATProduct, click Slider Lifter Direction   in the Pulling Direction toolbar.
    The dialog box is displayed.

  2. You are going to extract the Slider/Lifter area from the blue faces.
    Place the compass as shown.

  3. Click Reverse and pick the large blue face. It turns red (it is seen as a core are).

  4. Click Switch. The five faces turn yellow (it is seen as a lifter/slider area).

  5. Click OK.

  6. A progress bar indicates the advancement of the computation.
    Click Cancel to stop the computation, if necessary.

    An axis system is created in the specification tree, under the Axis Systems body.

    When several axis systems exist, you can make one current using its contextual menu.

    The Slider/Lifter area is now defined.