Displaying Boundaries of Surfaces

This task shows you how to display or hide the boundaries of surfaces. 
  1. Open file GettingStarted.CATPart in the samples directory. 

  2. Click Surface Boundaries in the Analysis toolbar. The dialog box is displayed.

  3. This action is a toggle: 

    • select the Display Surfaces Boundaries option to display the boundaries of all surfaces, 
    • or unselect it to hide the boundaries of all surfaces.
  4. Click OK to validate your choice, or Cancel to exit the action.

  • This action is a quick way to activate or de-activate the display of surfaces boundaries.
    In this regard, it is equivalent to the Tools > Options > Display > Visualization/Surfaces'Boundaries option.
  • In the Tools > Options > Display > Visualization tab, you can change the boundaries color and line type.
  • Both actions may require that you force the refresh of the graphic screen.