Wireframe and Surface Menu Bar

Here we will present the various menus and menu commands that are specific to Wireframe and Surface Version 5.

Start File Edit View Insert Tools Window Help

Tasks corresponding to general menu commands are described in the Infrastructure User's Guide.

Edit Menu

Note that most of the Edit commands available here are common facilities offered with the Infrastructure.

The specific Wireframe and Surface Edit commands depend on the type of object being edited: Geometrical Set, Ordered Geometrical Set or other entity.

Command Description
Undo Cancels the last action
Repeat Repeats the last performed action
Update See Updating Parts
See Copying and Pasting Objects
Paste Special... See Using the Paste Special... Command
Delete Deletes selected geometry
Search... Allows searching and selecting objects
Selection Sets...
Selection Sets Edition...
Find Owning Selection Sets...
Allows to define and modify selected objects as sets
Links... Manages links to other documents
Properties Allows displaying and editing object properties
Scan or Define in Work Object... See Scanning the Part and Defining In Work Objects

Geometrical Set Contextual Menu

Edit Inputs... Allows to edit the object inputs and parameters
Activate See Deactivating Elements
Change Body... See Managing Geometrical Sets
AutoSort Allows to reorder the geometrical set's children according to the logical construction order
Reorder Children See Editing Definitions
Create Group... See Managing Groups
Show Components See Hiding/Showing Geometrical Sets and Their Contents
Hide Components
Reset Properties Allows resetting object properties

Insert Menu

For... Description
Body... Refer to Inserting a New Body in the Part Design User's Guide
Body in a Set... See Inserting a Body into an Ordered Geometrical Set
Geometrical Set... See Managing Geometrical Sets
Ordered Geometrical Set... See Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets
Sketcher Refer to the Sketcher User's Guide
Axis System... Allows the creation of local axis-system
Wireframe See Insert > Wireframe
Surfaces See Insert > Surfaces
Operations See Insert > Operations
Analysis See Insert > Analysis
Advanced Replication Tools See Insert > Advanced Replication Tools
UserFeature Allows the creation of user features. Refer to the chapter Creating a User Feature in the Product Knowledge Template User's Guide.
Document Template Creation... Allows the creation of part templates. Refer to the chapter Creating a Part Template in the Product Knowledge Template User's Guide.
Instantiate From Document... Allows the instantiation of Power Copies. Refer to the chapter Instantiating Power Copies in the Generative Shape Design User's Guide.
Developed Shapes See Insert > Developed Shapes

Insert > Wireframe Sub-menu

For... See...
Point... Creating Points
Points Creation Repetition... Creating Multiple Points and Planes
Line... Creating Lines
Axis... Creating an Axis
Polyline... Creating Polylines
Plane... Creating Planes
Projection... Creating Projections
Intersection... Creating Intersections
Circle... Creating Circles
Corner... Creating Corners
Connect Curve... Creating Connect Curves
Spline... Creating Splines
Helix... Creating a Helix

Insert > Surfaces Sub-menu

For... See...
Extrude... Creating Extruded Surfaces
Revolve... Creating Revolution Surfaces
Sphere... Creating Spherical Surfaces
Cylinder... Creating Cylindrical Surfaces
Offset... Creating Offset Surfaces
Sweep... Creating Swept Surfaces
Fill... Creating Filling Surfaces
Multisections surface... Creating Multi-Sections Surfaces
Blend... Creating Blended Surfaces

Insert > Operations Sub-menu

For... See...
Join... Joining Geometric Elements
Healing... Healing Geometry
Untrim... Restoring a Surface
Disassemble... Disassembling Surfaces
Split... Splitting Geometry
Trim... Trimming Geometry
Boundary... Creating Boundary Curves
Extract... Extracting Geometry
Translate... Translating Geometry
Rotate... Rotating Geometry
Symmetry... Performing Symmetry on Geometry
Scaling... Transforming Geometry by Scaling
Affinity... Transforming Geometry by Affinity
Axis To Axis... Transforming Elements from an Axis to Another
Invert Orientation Inverting the Orientation of Geometry
Near... Creating Nearest Entity of a Multiple Element
Extrapolate... Extrapolating Curves and Extrapolating Surfaces

Insert > Analysis Sub-menu

For... See...
Connect Checker Checking Connections Between Surfaces
Curve Connect Checker Checking Connections Between Curves
Feature Draft Analysis Performing a Draft Analysis
Surfacic Curvature Analysis Performing a Surface Curvature Analysis
Distance Analysis Analyzing Distances Between Two Sets of Elements
Porcupine Analysis Performing a Curvature Analysis

Insert > Advanced Replication Tools Sub-menu

For... See...
Object Repetition... Repeating Objects
Points Creation Repetition... Multiple Points and Planes
Planes Between... Creating Planes Between Other Planes
PowerCopy Creation... Creating Power Copies
Save In Catalog... Saving Power Copies into a Catalog

Insert > Developed Shapes Sub-menu

  For... See...
Unfold... Unfolding a Surface
Transfer... Refer to Transferring Elements
Develop... Developing Wires and Points

Tools Menu

Note that most of the Tools commands available here are common facilities offered with the Infrastructure.

Specific Wireframe and Surface Tools commands are described in the present document.

For... Description
Formula... Allows editing parameters and formula
Image Allows capturing images
Macro Allows recording, running and editing macros
See Hiding/Showing Geometrical Sets and Their Contents
In Work Object See Scanning the Part and Defining In Work Objects
Parameterization Analysis See Analyzing Using Parameterization
Parents/Children... Allows viewing the parents and children of a selected object
Work on Support See Working with a Support
Snap to point See Working with a Support
Open Catalog... Allows the opening of catalogs, for PowerCopies for example
External View... Allows specifying a feature as a reference for other products/applications. Refer to the chapter Managing Geometrical Sets in the Generative Shape Design User's Guide
Customize... Allows customizing the workbench
Visualization Filters... Allows to manage layer filters
Options Allows customizing settings
Standards... See Managing Standards in the Interactive Drafting documentation
Conferencing Allows setting up of communication tools

Window Menu

The Window menu lets you arrange document windows in relation one to the other. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.